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Alanah Whiteway, RMT

A graduate from right here in St. John's, Alanah received her honours diploma in February of 2018 and started practicing at One Mind Body soon after. She thrives on working in a team environment and loves to see everyone growing in practice and learning from each other through a client centered and holistic approach to treatment. 


As an accomplished figure skater and avid soccer player, Alanah focuses most of her practice on sports injury rehabilitation and deep tissue massage. She has also developed sharp skill in the assessment and treatment of cervical spine conditions such as cervical strain, migraines, tension headaches, thoracic outlet syndrome, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. 

Alanah has a special passion for understanding how Massage Therapy can help treat depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She has recently become a certified level 1 bodyworker for the treatment of PTSD through Touch Education and is actively involved in pursueing further research and education in this field.

Alanah is also a certified Small Animal Massage Therapist through the Atlantic Massage College in New Brunswick. She is fully qualified to assess and treat your pets for pain related to arthritis, surgical rehabilitations or just general health and maintenance.

To book an appointment with Alanah, click here.

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