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Amanda Giles, RMT

A graduate of ICT Northumberland College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Amanda received her Diploma in Massage Therapy in 2003 and has been practicing in St. John's ever since. Her focus lies in deep tissue therapy and stress management. She loves to combine the two, creating a balancing therapeutic effect that quiets the mind and settles the body. To further this, Amanda is also trained in the use of Synergy Stone Therapy which combines the relaxing effect of hot stones with the therapeutic qualities of deep tissue body work. She is currently the only massage therapist in St. John's who uses these unique stones and techniques. Click here to learn more about Synergy stones and see some demonstrations.

Amanda is also highly experienced in perinatal care and loves working with new and expecting mothers in all stages of pregnancy as well as offering post natal support.

To book an appointment with Amanda, click here.

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